5 Business ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

5 Business ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Many women who have done their higher studies or have a unique talent, often feel the need to use their knowledge or expertise to contribute to the household expenses, become self-dependent or even just as a means to showcase their talent. Some women also experience the “empty nest” feeling when their children have become big and are away for higher studies. In such situations starting their own business venture seems to be the ideal solution.


The size or the scale of the business may not matter initially, as long as it gives them a chance to do something productive and earn some financial benefits at the same time. Thanks to the growth of the internet and the easy and fast communication options available today, creating and spreading awareness about one’s business has become an easy task. It is also simpler to reach out to a larger audience for one’s products and services and acquire customers provided one’s product and pricing are in tune with the market needs. Some of the business ideas, women entrepreneurs can try nowadays are;



The aroma of fresh cakes and biscuits, make them a hot seller anytime they are made. For those women who love baking, this can easily be turned into a profitable part-time profession from the comfort of their home. Beginning with neighbors, friends, and relatives one can slowly expand their business as the demand for the same grows. One of the key focus areas in the baking business is the quality of ingredients you use and the freshness of the products you sell, as these are what create an impression on the customer.

One can also focus only on a particular range of products such as biscuits, tea time cakes or birthday cakes so that one specializes in the same and becomes well known for it. Festivals and special occasions are the time when demand for baking products is at the highest, so one should be well prepared and ready to handle multiple orders during those times.

The success of your baking business will ultimately depend on your creativity, taste, and quality of the products you bake, along with the competitive pricing you offer for them.


Reselling products via WhatsApp & Facebook

The popularity of WhatsApp and Facebook has made this a very attractive business proposition for women in their spare time. It basically involves the marketing of popular products, directly sourced from manufacturers through WhatsApp and Facebook to our friends, relatives, and social media contacts. The manufacturers offer a special price to the resellers, who can then add their own margin and sell the product to others.


Since there is a direct interaction between you and the manufacturer, the extra costs involved due to middlemen are avoided. Due to this the price being quoted by you to your customers is very competitive and in line with the market price of the products.

The manufacturers will directly ship the product to your customer and credit your account with the margin you have kept on the products in a totally transparent process. A good reseller can earn upwards of Rs. 20,000/- per month based on their social and personal contacts.


Home Tuitions / Cooking Classes

If teaching is what you love, then giving home tuitions is a very good business option that you can do in your spare time. Depending on the subjects you are an expert in, you could conduct hourly batches for students of different grades to help them with their studies and ensure they understand the subject thoroughly.

Apart from education, you could also start cooking classes at home for beginners and different cuisines if you are fond of cooking and have a skill for it. Many young girls and women like to try new recipes at home or even restaurant type cooking. You can offer special workshops on weekends for such people, helping you make money while also indulging in your favorite activity.


Food Services

If you simply love cooking but don’t have an aptitude for teaching, there is another option available to develop it into a profitable business opportunity. As a home chef, you can offer snacks and different food options as Tiffin services, in your neighborhood. This is a very popular service used by those who stay alone or even working couples who don’t have the time to cook their meals.

Most of the tiffin orders are normally for a week or month which helps you plan, your menu and production accordingly, helping avoid shortage or wastage of the food cooked by you. Since it is a recurring business, it also assures you of a regular income source throughout the month.


Baby Sitting

Taking care of small children and babies, while their parents are off to work has now evolved into a very profitable business venture for many people, especially those who love taking care of children. All you need for this venture is a spare room or open area in your house that you can easily convert it into a babysitting area where the children can comfortably play, eat and relax.

The fees charged for this service are basically on an hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly basis based on the requirements of the parents and the time they would like to leave their child with you. While starting this business one must ensure that all the proper safety precautions are in place and food for the children is cooked in a hygienic manner, to ensure the safety and good health of the children.

There are plenty of opportunities available for today’s women to earn an income, by either working part time or full time. All one needs is the determination to do something positive, backed by the skill and talent for it.